Subway Surfers Unblocked – The Perfect Game for Young Bullies!

Subway Surfers Unblocked is one of the most popular games that can be played both on your computer and mobile devices. The game can be downloaded on Google Play, App Store and also on Amazon. It was released in 2012, but it’s still very popular among young bullies all over the world. This game has been developed by Kiloo Games, which are based in Denmark and London. If you have already played the regular version of Subway Surfers, you will love this game as well! It’s very similar and you will have just as much fun!

What’s the subway surfers unblocked

The game is about a boy named Jake who loves to go on adventures. One day, he found a magical board with a map that led him to an abandoned subway station. He explored and found three powerful gems in the puzzles of the station. However, while exploring he discovered that there were other children exploring as well, and they had already found one of the gems. Jake quickly left the subway station before one of them could catch him and made it home without getting caught by any bullies or police officers.


At home, Jake hid all the gems from his family so that he would be able to find them again next time he wanted an adventure. When Jake went to bed, he dreamed about his future adventures with Subway Surfers Unblocked! He was walking through the subway station when he heard someone coming up behind him. He turned around and saw another bully holding a gun in their hand. They said give me your jewels, but Jake ran away just as the bully fired their gun at him.

Once again, he escaped unscathed because he always stays alert while Subway Surfers! He then continued on his way to explore more of the mysterious area. Suddenly, he felt someone bump into him and turned around to see a kid’s face covered in bruises with tears streaming down their face.

Jake realized that this was how life looked like for some people living near him and immediately vowed not only not to bully anyone ever again but also to help others whenever he can. Jake wandered back out into the world where he knew that every experience would make him better until someday when he will be ready for his final adventure with no bullies standing in his way.

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Can you play it online?

The game can be played both on your computer and on mobile devices. On the computer, you can play Subway Surfers unblocked by visiting the website and selecting the Play Now button. Alternatively, if you have an Android device or Apple phone, you can download it from the respective app stores. When you start playing Subway Surfers unblocked, you will notice that there is a story line to follow.


Jake begins his adventure in his home town of Shipwreck Creek. After being warned of an approaching storm by his mother, he runs outside and gets swept away with his hoverboard by a current of water. He wakes up in a totally new place called San Francisco Ruins. There he meets two friends who teach him how to get around the city.

However, not everything goes well as he later encounters Dr Zomboss who shoots lasers at him. To avoid being caught by Dr Zomboss, Jake has no choice but to run away and hide inside a building where he discovers a secret laboratory filled with abandoned skateboards left behind by some genius scientist years ago.

What kind of graphics are used in this game

The game consists of a 2D side-scrolling perspective, and the graphics are quite simplistic. The game is made up of bright colors, but the simplicity of the design and color scheme is what makes it so appealing to young players. The object of the game is to run away from other characters who have all different shapes and sizes, without getting caught or touching any obstacles that may be in your way.


Jake must avoid being captured by the trains at all costs because if he gets caught, he will lose one life. If Jake has five lives remaining then he will have an opportunity to get a new life every five minutes. However if Jake has no lives remaining then he will not be able to continue playing the game until he gets another one.

Jake’s goal is to collect coins along the way and try his best not to collide with any obstacles that come his way. The coins can be used as currency within the game. One can use them to buy clothes, skateboards, jetskis and more upgrades for their character which increases their chances of winning the game.

How to start playing Subway Surfers?

The basic process is to create a profile on the Subway Surfers unblocked website, and then download the game. However, if you already have a mobile device that supports the game, you can just go to your app store and download it for free. Once you’re in-game, tap Play and select a character.

You’ll get one chance to practice your skills before starting out on a real map. When you’re ready, start running! Tap on one of the two arrows at the bottom of your screen to move left or right along the map. Keep an eye out for power-ups like coins and diamonds so that you can buy more items from Jake’s store.

There are plenty of different maps to play in, as well as missions and other challenges to complete for extra rewards. And there’s always someone else who needs help, so jump in and save the day!

Things you need to know about subway surfers

You can play Subway Surfers unblocked game on your computer or mobile devices. You need to move your character from one station to another, collecting coins and avoiding various obstacles. Subway surfers is a very addictive game that you will want to keep playing again and again.

However, it’s important to remember the following: you should never spend too much time playing this game as it might lead to boredom with other activities. It’s also not a good idea for young kids as there are some violent scenes in the game.


The level of violence may be inappropriate for younger children. The best thing about subway surfers unblocked is its free availability online. So what are you waiting for? Go and start surfing today!

Things you need to know about subway surfers

  • -The game is suitable for all ages, the main hero is a boy named Jake.
  • -The game can be played both on your computer and on mobile devices.
  • -You can get extra coins by watching some ads or you can purchase them.
  • -Collecting coins allows you to unlock new characters and outfits.
  • -If you want to go back to the map, press M.

-It’s not worth it to use your score boosters in mini games, as they take up valuable lives that are needed later in the game. -While you’re playing the game, pay attention to how many meters of distance are left between Jake and his pursuers. If there aren’t any meters left, then move away from those sections of the map.

-Jake can buy new items using keys collected during gameplay. Keys are used automatically when buying items from the shop screen, but you can use keys outside of this screen at any time.

-Save your keys because they have another great use: activating gates which would otherwise have been impossible to pass without running out of time! You’ll need these gates if you plan on reaching every spot on each level.


If you are looking for a new game to play that is both challenging and safe, Subway Surfers unblocked might be just what you are looking for. It is available on both your computer and on mobile devices, so you can enjoy the game anywhere. Jake is the main character in the game and he loves graffiti and bright colors. You will have to work your way through different obstacles while running along train tracks that never end.

There are a lot of interesting levels in unblocked subway surfers, so it will take a while before you find all of them. If you want to play an exciting game with a protagonist who has interests similar to yours, then I would recommend playing subway surfers online unblocked.

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